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Calvin College did a test for One AP to see if they could tell the difference over time between a competitive 2 application fertilizer and One AP.

These photos were taken everyday from March 21st 2010 to January 19th 2011. The left half of the field was fertilized twice with the competitive product, once on April 14th and then again on July 7th. The right side of the field was only given one application on April 15th with One AP.


The photos were taken at around 4:00pm and total 303 days of the ’10-’11 season.

” I was curious to see how the One-Ap would perform against my regular fertilizer program on irrigated highly maintained turf areas.  We set up the two side by side so we could have some visual comparisons over the season.  The typical fertilizer was applied on April 14th, with a second application on July 7th. The One-Ap was applied on April 15th. I was very pleased with how the One-Ap held up to very early warm up in April, followed by 7″ of rain in June, then heat and drought in August- and it continued to release uniformly all the way to dormancy.”

- Geoff Van Berkel, Calvin College

Can you tell the difference? Less labor & less fertilizer overall more economical what are you waiting for? 


Stop wasting time and money.

Stop spreading over and over.


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